Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment Appearance | Intelligent Process Equipment: The Role of Smart Machinery in Automated Systems.

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Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment - Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment Appearance
  • Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment - Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment Appearance

Wafer Metal Frame Tape Disassembly Equipment

Automatic Wafer Ring Film Disassembly Equipment

The iron wafer frame is mainly used in wafer dicing to fix the outer frame during wafer grinding and cutting, and the frame can be recycled and cleaned repeatedly. The equipment can automatically remove the film for the wafer iron frame, and features the functions of detecting residual wafer, cleaning residual glue and bagging the iron frame automatically.

  • Using dry cleaning, effectively remove glue residue.
  • Automatic optical residual grain detection.
  • Support SECS/GEM communication.

Iron Wafer Frame (with blue film)

  • Wafer Size: 8", 12", or both
  • Wafer Ring Warpage ≤ 1mm
  • Film Deformation ≤ 10mm
  • UPH > 100
1.1Working CapacityFeeding Specification12" Wafer ring
1.2Wafer frame Cassette 方式入料
1.3Allowable Product DeformationWafer ring Warpage ≤ 1mm
1.4Film deformation ≤ 10mm
2.1Load PortCassette1. 2 Cassette load.
2. Cassette payload max: Weight 20Kg
2.2During Cassette operation, the safety door must not be opened. (Specify Omron safety switch)
2.3Cassette anti-drop ring is not opened, the machine must be alarmed and cannot be operated.
2.4Cassette is not positioned, the machine must alarm and stop working.
2.5Cassette presence detection function, detect no cassette machine alarm and stop operation.
2.6Wafer Ring Protrusion detection, or anti-fooling mechanism to prevent protrusions from colliding with materials.
2.7Wafer Ring double / cross slot / position / quantity check function, and displayed on the operation interface.
2.8Wafer Ring Arm1. Wafer Ring Arm has Wafer Ring unclamp detection.
2. Arm over-push / pull protection mechanism, Push value ≥ 2kgf Alarm.
2.9 1. Suction failure vacuum detection.
2. The vacuum in the factory facility can be supply for more than 3 minutes, and the product can be placed in a safe place during the period, without any doubts about chip falling.
3. When the power is cut off, the equipment cannot operate, but the pressure can be maintained continuously, and there is no doubt about chip dropping.
2.10E84E84 reserved E84 function upgrade.
2.11Ring IDReaderRing ID Reader read Wafer ring 1D barcode.
3.1Metal Frame / Tape Film SeparationTransfer Armvacuum detection of suction failure.
3.2Detection of tape film placement failure (sticking to transfer Arm).
3.3Tape Film Blanking Area1. Placed in a stacked manner, the stacking Max height is 60mm.
2. There are 2 stacking areas.
3. The presence detection in the stacking area must have the function of automatic batch change and anti-mixing.
3.4Separator paper placement function.
3.5Separator paper storage tank replenishment detection function.
3.6Metal Frame Blanking Area1. Placed in a stacked manner, the stacking Max. height is 150mm.
2. Stack full detection.
4.1Machine Whole AreaStatus DetectionAlarm when the event of a mechanism transfer failure or failure to locate during the operation.
4.2Security Mechanism FunctionIt is forbidden to open all the door and machine cover during the operation.

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