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Shuz Tung Machinery - Electronic Equipment Business Unit Building | Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial has won considerable trust and support from domestic and international major companies from semiconductor, flat panel display processes, Printed circuit board, intelligent medical imaging, turnkey planning for bicycles, and parts processing of automobiles, scooters, and variety of industries.

Shuz Tung Machinery - Electronic Equipment Business Unit Building

About Us

Shuz Tung Machinery

The world's leading manufacturer of intelligent process equipment !
Integrated intelligent system partner and the leader in improving process efficiency.

Shuz Tung Electronic Equipment Business Unit was established in 2001, focuses on the high-tech electronics equipment field, dedicated to the research and development, design, and manufacturing of automated production equipment and process inspection and measurement equipment.

With outstanding optical, mechanical, electronic, software, and system integration technology and its main core technologies cover: Precision Mold Manufacturing, Laser Repair and Cutting, High-Precision Bonding (PCB Bonder), Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Artificial Intelligence Imaging, and Turnkey Solution for Smart Manufacturing.

Our products sales cover all five continents of the world, providing customers with real-time services without time zone limitations. With professional equipment technology and system integration capabilities, as well as a sales and services team that put the customer first, Shuz Tung has earned the trust and support of well-known domestic and international manufacturers.

Products have applications across multiple industries, including flat-panel display processes, advanced semiconductor processes, and intelligent medical imaging.

Industrial Application

Equipment for various industries.

Upcoming Products

Shuz Tung's products are applied in multiple industries, including: Semiconductor Automation & Inspection Equipment, Flat Panel Display Process Equipment, etc.