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Provider of Customized Smart Manufacturing Solutions | Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial has won considerable trust and support from domestic and international major companies from semiconductor, flat panel display processes, Printed circuit board, intelligent medical imaging, turnkey planning for bicycles, and parts processing of automobiles, scooters, and variety of industries.

Provider of Customized Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Customized Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Industry 4.0 Equipment

Shuz Tung Machinery offers comprehensive solutions for intelligent factory planning, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service, assisting Taiwan's manufacturing industry in rapidly embracing smart factories, advancing towards Industry 4.0, optimizing production lines, and improving efficiency.

Through the integration of technology, equipment, and optimized processes, we provide comprehensive expertise in smart machinery and smart logistics planning, along with holistic solutions. We combine core technologies of optomechanical-electrical software system integration, integrated equipment manufacturing, and software services, including smart manufacturing automation solutions and smart logistics automation solutions.

Our solutions are applied in fully automated glass production lines, fully automated panel production lines, and semiconductor smart warehousing integrated planning services, among others.

We assist our clients in utilizing big data analysis to enhance productivity and competitiveness, enabling them to seize opportunities in the digital wave of automotive, 5G communication, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We are a provider of customized smart manufacturing solutions, including smart manufacturing solutions, fully automated glass production lines, fully automated panel production lines, and Semiconductor intelligent warehouse integration planning services.

We specialize in process equipment for flat panel displays, LCD displays, touch panels, organic light-emitting displays, glass processing equipment, and other custom smart manufacturing solutions.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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Automotive Display Module Equipment - Car-load panel clean room complete line equipment
Automotive Display Module Equipment

Shuz Tung's flat panel display automotive line is mainly used for producing large 3D and complex-shaped...

ABS Loop Test Machine - ABS Loop Test Machine
ABS Loop Test Machine

Applied in ABS brake hydraulic and electronic control system loop testing, it can be used to measurement...

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Smart Manufacturing Solutions | Intelligent Process Equipment: The Role of Smart Machinery in Automated Systems.

Based in Taiwan since 1979, Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of intelligent process equipment. It's main intelligent process equipment include, Smart Manufacturing Solutions, semiconductor automation equipment, semiconductor metrology and inspection equipment, flat panel display turnkey equipment, TFT-LCD module process whole line equipment and wafer shipper automatic packing and unpacking machines. We offer customized designs for optimal equipment efficiency in high-tech industries. Prioritizing speed of production, quality and environmental friendliness ensures competitive advantage and significant added value.

Established in 1979, with 43 years vast experience and resources in customized equipment manufacturing, and outstanding optical, mechanical, electronic, software, and system integration ability, Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial focuses on the core technologies, including Precision Mold Manufacturing, Laser Repair and Cutting, High Accuracy Bonding (PCB Bonder), Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Artificial Intelligence Imaging, and Turnkey Solution for Smart Manufacturing.

Shuz Tung has been providing customers with high quality intelligent process equipment since 1979, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Shuz Tung ensures that each customer's needs are met.